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water solenoid valve

solenoid valve SV-1

Product Name:solenoid valve for RO system Model No.:SV-1 Product Description:2-way normally closed, direct acting solenoid valve for RO water system with 1/4"NPT female thread inlet/outlet port.

2-way Normally Closed, Direct Acting Solenoid Valve For RO Water System With 1/4"NPT Female Thread Inlet/Outlet Port

Orifice: 2.5mm.

Fluid media: water.

Operating pressure: 0~8bar.

Cv value: 0.21.

Coil class: class B 130.

Voltage: AC24, AC110V, AC220V 50/60Hz, DC24V.

Power consumption: AC 6.8VAC(Holding), DC5W.

Response time: 0 ~ 5μs.

Fluid temperature: -10℃ ~ 80℃.

Ambient temperature: -10℃ ~ +40℃.

Rubber seal material: EPDM, valve body material: polypropylene.

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