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ro membrane

RO membrane 50GPD

Product Name:RO membrane 50GPD Model No.:JCM-1812-50 Product Description:1812 JCM brand RO membrane made of Japanese TORAY membrane film sheet, capacity: 50GPD (0.19m³/d).

1812 JCM Brand RO membrane 50GPD

Made of Japanese TORAY membrane film sheet.

Capacity: 50GPD (0.19m³/d).

Flow rate: 7.9lph.

Min salt rejection: 96%.

Stabilized salt rejection: 98%.

Permeate flow and salt rejection based on the following test condition:

250ppm softened tap water, 77F(25℃), PH=8, and 15% recovery and the specified pressure at 60psi.

Permeate flow rate for individual element might vary ±20%.

Packing: 34 X 34 X 38cm/25pcs.

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